See details about the AwesomeBump 1.0v.

Version 1.0

Linux  Ubuntu 14.04LTS (and Mint) x64 binaries: download ABv1.0
Windows 7 x32 binaries: download ABv1.0 

New in 1.0: (video)

0) New GUI icons (now each button has a tool tip)
1) TGA format is now supported
2) 3D image control improved with new Camera class
3) 2D image now can be dragged or zoomed or paned in UV space
4) Simple perspective correction is allowed for 2D image
5) Program output is redirected to log.txt file. See this file in case of problems.
6) Some improvements in tilling algorithm. Added mirror mode functionality.
7) Fixed image initialization at application start up.
8) and other minor fixes