New version of AwesomeBump is ready to download.

Version 2.0:  (video)

Linux  Ubuntu 14.04LTS (and Mint) x64 binaries: download ABv2.0
Windows 7 x32 binaries: download ABv2.0 

New in 2.0:

  1. Slightly redesigned GUI: Tiling/UV methods, General Settings and 3D preview sliders are now separated into different tabs.
  2. Added short explanation about most important algorithms in AB. See ShortAbout.pdf file.
  3. New random tiling algorithm was added. Which allow to generate infinite number of seamless textures.
  4. New perspective mode – image can be now stretched along x and y axis, which is useful during the perspective manipulation.
  5. Height calculator tool was added. Now the depth of the Normal texture can be controlled based on physical dimensions.
  6. Size of the texture can be changes at run-time.
  7. Gray Scale manipulator – now you can choose what weights are used to convert image to Gray scale.
  8. Colour levelling tool was added. This can be used e.g. to make flat surfaces.
  9. Now the normal image is by default attached to height texture, which means any change of height will affect the normals. New GUI icons (now each button hasa tool tip)

See the example screenshots: