Here you will find some useful tutorials on how to use AwesomeBump software.
We will also place here the FAQs and additional materials and links if necesary.

Youtube tutorials:

  1. Tutorial #1. Generating normal texture from heigth texture
  2. Tutorial #2. Generating height texture from normal texture
  3. Tutorial #3. Generating normal, height, specular and occlusion textures from one image
  4. Tutorial #4. Building AwesomeBump from source
  5. Tutorial #5. AwesomeBump v1.0 presentation: Seamless textures and perspective tool
  6. Tutorial #6. AwesomeBump v2.0 presentation
  7. Tutorial #7. AwesomeBump v2.1 presentation
  8. Tutorial #8. AwesomeBump v2.1- starting from normal texture
  9. Tutorial #9. AwesomeBump v3.0 presentation: PBR textures
  10. Tutorial #10. AwesomeBump Pi (3.14) overview + materials texture feature.
  11. Tutorial #11. AwesomeBump v4.0 grunge maps.


Other Materials:

  1. Short explanation of basics algorithms used in AB: link
  2. Instructions on how to build AB from source code (since 3.0): link
  3. Disscussion group/forums: Click link to google discussion group:!forum/awesomebump or another discussion on blenderartist
  4. AB is using tinyobjloader  to load OBJ meshes.
  5. Cube maps used in AB: humus
  6. PBR guide which inspired me: coding labs and other usefull links.
  7. Here you can find the thread about DOF filter used in AB.
  8. Pseudo Lens Flare used in AB are based on this article.
  9. 3D models are thanks to Hevedy.
  10. The backpack model presented in Pi video was taken from BlendSwap webpage.



1. My graphics card supports openGL 4.0 but AwesomeBump exits  just after application start or all textures are black.

      Make sure that you have installed the lastest graphics drivers, then run program and check the log.txt file. The first few lines of this file will tell you which openGL version is used to initialize AB (It should be greater than 3.30) and which graphics card is used by AB. Note that if your graphics card uses NVDIA Optimus technology you need to make sure that AB will be run on the NVIDIA GPU.  In order to do that you can change the settings in Nvidia Control Panel on Windows or run program with optirun command on linux systems.

2. I cannot run the program on linux.

 In order to run the program use the bash script which sets the system paths for Qt libraries, otherwise if you run the AwesomeBump executable file it may fail (unless you have installed Qt).

3. My Intel graphics card seems to support opengl 4.0 but AB does run.

Even if your Intel graphics card claims itself to support opengl 4.0 it is highly probably that it will fail when running AB. Update: Since 3.0.4 AB should run with Intel Graphics card, but I can’t promise it.

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