New version of AwesomeBump is ready to download. Welcome PBR shading!

Since now you can generate PBR textures with AB! This is the first release (one may say beta version) so it may contain many bugs.

Thanks all the people for the positive comments and suggestion.

Version 3.0:  (video)

Linux  Ubuntu 14.04LTS (and Mint) x64 binaries: download ABv3.0
Windows 7 x32 binaries: download ABv3.0

Instruction on how to build AB v3.0  from source code you can find here: link

New in 3.0:

  1. Added error Logger
  2. Remove lightning with new AO cancellation feature added.
  3. Rouhness and metallic textures are now supported (PBR shading in action). Additionally new tools (noise filter and color picker) to manipulate these textures are available.
  4. Color Hue slider added.
  5. Input image feature for most of textures are available now.
  6. Selective blur feature (height texture only) is now available.
  7. And other important changes…
  8. Thanks to David for new cool models :)