New version of AwesomeBump is ready to download. Welcome material textures

Since now you can edit part of the texture using the material texture tool! This is a beta version so it may contains major number of bugs.

Thanks all the people for the positive comments and suggestion.

Big thanks to Robert42 for  his solution with mouse lagging in 3D window!

Version 3.14:  (video)

Linux  Ubuntu 14.04LTS (and Mint) x64 binaries: download ABv3.14
Windows 7 x32 binaries: download ABv3.14


New in 3.14:

  1. Added tessellation grid preview button
  2. Added normal map mixer tool
  3. Font size can be channged
  4. DOF – filter in 3D window added
  5. Mipmap levels in “base map to others” tool
  6. materials texture tool added
  7. Now all images work with: drag and drop to materials, copy from clipboard, copy to clipboard
  8. Project manager filter tool
  9. Mesh can be dragged to the 3D widget
  10.  In “bump mapping” roughness texture is taken as glossines texture
  11. Apply UV transformation button added
  12. Plus some bug fixes and minor changes.